This weekend was the Shilshole Bay Yacht Club June Dock soirée. We assembled in Brownsville Marina and had a great time. 

On Friday afternoon, Alix, Clara, and I headed to Shadow and spent the night in our home marina. The plan was to be up and at it early on Saturday morning. Ideally leaving the dock about 0800 to ride the favorable ebb current. Around 0715 a fog started to roll past the boat. 

Within 10–15 minutes the fog had closed in so densely that we could not see the shoreline that was less than 500 feet away! Knowing we would be delayed, I made another cup of coffee and sat in the cockpit to wait it out. Thirty minutes later the fog was still getting thicker! I began to get antsy. It wanted to get going so we could see our other boat friends. To help quell the anxiety I decided to take a stroll down the dock and compare rigging on others sailboats to my own. Harold appeared through the mist and we continued the stroll together. 

Eventually the fog lifted and we were able to make it to the pump out and fuel up at Fos Harbor Marina. Official start time of 1045. Nearly three hours later!

There was still time to catch the favorable ebb current. In effort to get us even more speed, I angled towards Colvos passage, knowing the fastest current flow north would be through there. What I failed to take into account was the additional time that the current had had to build up speed through the Tacoma Narrows. It hit us and hit us hard! Our Speed Over Ground (SOG) dropped to 2.7 knots. Ouch. 

We eventually broke free and enter Colvos, but it left me wondering if we had lost even more time by my bungling there. No worries though, we were on a boat. 

By riding the current up Colvos we rarely saw less than 8 knots SOG, and even snagged a few stretches above 9 knots. Wowee! I could get used to that sort of speed! 

Cruised through the Around Vashon race. Poor boats we flapping their sails idly while we screamed past under motor. The wind came up a little later on, but it made for a very long race day. 

The trip through Rich Passage was a treat. Because we left late the tide had turned by the time we got there and we were sucked through, to arrive at Brownsville around 1500. 

It was great to see people from the club again! This was the second event since the two-week Covid lockdown started over a year ago. Only 6 boats were in attendance, but that did not diminish the fun. 

After consuming more alcohol in a few hours than I had in the last few months combined, it was time to pull out my new boat game, Regatta. It is a sailboat racing game that proved to be rather complicated to get going at first, but very fun as it went along. Gameplay was surprisingly realistic. I am excited for the next chance to play! 

Saturday morning was a lazy morning. The best kind in a boat. Alix and Clara explored the beach while I did some cleaning and tidying. Though we have owned the boat for two months now, we have not spent much time on her to figure out how we like to do things. It was a great opportunity to get further acquainted with my boat. 

Right outside the marina we popped up the mainsail right as the wind speed went to zero. Womp womp. The fine people of Sailing Endgame were right behind us. They also sail a Catalina 36. We have not met in real life yet, but I have followed their adventures on YouTube. Funny people who also enjoy boating to the max. Soon I hope to do a cruise together and share a beer. 

The trip home was mundane. Interrupted only by a large amount of porpoises and what may have been a Minke whale. The last couple hours were a straight downpour of rain. Luckily it was warm, because I learned that my rain gear is no longer waterproof!

We arrived safely back in our slip at Chinook. Drenched but smiling. It is hard to have a bad day on the boat!