Hap py Mother’s Day!

Alix wanted to go for a real sail for Mother’s Day. I (Ben) was all too happy to oblige. We invited along our friends David and Tori.

Wind was a paltry 5 knots, went slightly over 8 at one point, then settled in a 2.7 knots for the afternoon. We were happy with a lazy sail though and enjoyed ourselves just fine. David and Tori want to learn to sail and David had a blast helming the boat for most of the trip.

This was Clara’s first time with the sails up too! I am not sure she even noticed them. hehe.

Coming back to the marina, the wind kicked up to about 12 knots. Of course, the wind always arrives when it is time to go home :(. I am still learning this boat. She is not nearly as maneuverable as my last boat, and quite a bit taller. Coming into the slip, I had to back out twice. Whoops. We will get the hang of it with some practice. This was only the second time coming into this marina. The wind was directly on the nose in the slip of course, which blew me off and had me bumping the dock earlier than I wanted to.

All in all, it was a fantastic day out on the water!